When I was in high school I used to sit in class and my mind would wander sometimes, probably like most students. Instead of daydreaming about hunky vampires or romantic prom dates, I would sit sketching out pendants and rings and ways of making stones stand out in hand wrapped pieces.  I can’t explain why I felt like things needed to be a certain way, like why brushstrokes needs to be just a certain way in a painting, but it’s a feeling that pulses and tells you when it’s right. And since then I have spent many years trying to figure out how to make the jewelry ‘right’, trying new ideas, and pulling what I think is beauty out of things that were unexpected.

The pieces in my portfolio here are pieces I created during a short stint where I worked in New York’s diamond district. These pieprofileces are cast, and the cast have been destroyed, so there is only a few of these. These were small sculptures that were cut away out of wax, and made into gold and silver.  I have taken my training in the diamond district as well as my years of studying and wrapping stone, and worked on making a more deviating style.  In addition, I have sculpted, in a build up form, the clay pieces on display, each one handmade and unique.  These pieces are made either semi figurative guitar6-1or pure design, in colors or metallic hues.  I also have developed somewhat of an obsession of making things out of recycled materials.  As we throw away so many things that can be born into such beauty, as I recognize that there are so many options. We can challenge ourselves to rebirth new beautiful things without relying on the Global economy or the mass approval to tell us that something is beautiful.  I have used things like styrofoam and credit cards and travelcards and marbles, papers and guitar strings and buttons.  Some things that are deeply sentimental, and some that would otherwise be discarded, some sophisticated while others fun and friendly.  If it’s small enough and light enough to wear, I can make sostyrofoam earrings-1mething out of it.  Also sometimes as I do in my other types of art, I like to use words to express those feelings even more so; I think of every piece of jewelry potentially as a work of art.  And then of course there are many pieces that combine all of these elements, or none of these elements, but are just about having fun and making something unusual and pleasing. Please feel free to give opinions or ideas. Or commission me to make something out of something you own.

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