Photography is an art that I studied as a child, back when I used Tmax and smelly developer and the chemicals stained my fingers. I have fond memories of printing and recognizing images slowly coming out from the silver halide crystals. The work that I put in my portfolio is all photography done with film, ranging from 4 x 5 to 35 mm. But alas I am a modern woman, and so therefore much of the other photography work on my website is done digitally. Though I still use some traditional techniques, and traditional aesthetics. And even sometimes still shoot with film.

I do have a portfolio in this section which is a collection of photography that I am most attached to, photos I have made that have the feel of my paintings and mixed media work, that blur the boundaries of the medium and set a mood and a residual feeling. In addition, I have done much photography in my travels and have posted some of these pictures.  Please do feel free to write a request any of these, to see more, or make a commission.


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Photography Portfolio

Travel Photography



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