Mixed Media

WithAllMySensesTrappedI both utilize a mixing of physical materials and paints, as well as a mix of dissimilar concepts and sources into newer technology.   The first of these have much of which I would categorize into the painting section of this website, though some that lack much of that traditional form would lie here in this section.  But this second type of art form that is produced on technology itself-  I refer to as digital mixed media.  You might see as more experimental.

The digital mixed-media pieces seem very modern in comparison to my older fashion mediums, although I have been making these for the last 10 years or so, and continue to use my honed aesthetic.  Though I was raisbened with an artistic prevalence, I was raised by a mathematician who worked on computers regularly and valued logic and scientific thinking.  The age of computers was dawning and he worked tirelessly programming.  I was writing programs at age 8, when basic was the medium, and of course they would always do silly artistic things like change colors on a screen or make shapes appear.  So it seemed to make sense that when the technology was sufficient to make art on the digital screen, it would be it’s own medium.

I am well capable of making photographs look “perfect”, a complex commercial skill that is well used in our society, but I am neither interested in ‘perfection’ nor in using digital media to enhance photography.  I am more interested in using it as a unique mix of multiple skills and modern expression.

stonefacadeI use photography and jewelry and paintings and poetry  all in my digital pieces, as I use the skills and knowledge I have in those subjects. But I still see this as its own medium, with its own distinct characteristics. And I try to explore these. One of the best things about it is that these works can be printed on multiple surfaces in different sizes, which means that they can be custom made.


Samm Cohen Cutting Room Floor

photo by Jeff Terzi

Digital Mixed Media

Mixed Media Assemblage

Most Experimental


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