benevolent benefit 

At Central Booking on 4/26/17 6-9pm 

An art show benefiting this wonderously verbose space! Besides selling her artwork already there, Samm will be producing spontaneous word image earrings. 

Centeal Booking 21 Ludlow. NYC


Compelled”, small but bursting works made through years of the raw emotive needs and thoughts of artist Samm Cohen, will be on display at the Foyer ART Gallery in the 13 Street Repertory Theatre for the month of July 2016.  Coupled with an avant guard production of Hamlet, these two art forms will play off each others questionings and discovery, intriguing the audiences with a strength of not always being typically strong, a darkly reflective sense of the complexities of life and self.  Pry with us into your own personal and social demons. Please stop by and see the art in person, as this kind of passion and exploration can only be relayed so much in words…


The Foyer ART gallery at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre
50 W 13th St.  New York, NY
COMPELLED Art Reception July 13th 6-8pm
followed by the opening of Hamlet: An Exploration 8pm
+special discount promotion for art opening attendees-
$10 tickets for the play for art fans with codeword “YORICK”
buy your tix at


thank you to the alcohol sponsor for this event Bklyn Blue **

The Street and the Sky: Samm Cohen’s Photos of Istanbul

My Latest Travels. Thank you so much Cat


Samm Cohen 01 Istanbul © 2016In this era when millions of people are taking millions of photos all the time, it’s a pleasure to sit back and sift through an artist’s collection. Samm Cohen works in multiple mediums, with a passion for paintings that stretch the boundaries between a flat canvas surface and the space that surrounds it, using everything from broken mirrors to papier-mâché to extend her solid grounding in classic brushwork into new and often startling visions.

Photography is also a venue for Ms. Cohen, whose joyful approach to travel and documentation is best described by the artist herself:

“I love to travel! I love photography! I have been fortunate to see London Tower holding itself against the wetted sky, the Buddhist flags of the Monkey temple waving, Angkor Wat’s tall, proud stone facades, the uneven bricks of The Great Wall, hot sand of the Sahara in view of the ancient Sphinx, Gaudí’s…

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The Quarters Project

The Quarters Project  is the product of a year-long collaboration between artists Samm Cohen and Joseph A. W. Quintela.  Using the geometric division of the quarter, each artist confines their artistry within the boundaries of two diametrically opposed quadrants, creating in a sometimes solitary, sometimes interactive, state.  Each piece is made with a different medium but the same rules. Though each work begins with this strict constraint, the finished works are contrastingly exuberant and bristling with the exchange of creative energy. 

The chashama 461 Gallery nonprofit art-space nurtures artists by transforming under-utilized properties into affordable work and presentation spaces. Through providing space grants for studios and exhibition spaces in this Harlem location, Chashama fulfills its mission of bringing the benefits of art and creativity to New Yorkers of all ages and background. 

js6smThe Quarters Project
Opening Reception Thursday, July 30th, 7-10pm

Exhibits Run 7/ 30 – 9/ 5 2015
Wed, 12-6pm

Thurs, 2-8pm
Fri, Sat, & Sun, 12-6pm
or by appointment
(Closed except by appointment: August 17th – 26th)
chashama 461 Gallery
451 W 126th Street
New York, NY 10027
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Smith & Jones weekly feature

Smith&Jones launches a new weekly feature of a single work of art and this one is made to hang on your neckline not your walls. Check out this amazing mini-painting from the Tiny Windows series by Samm Cohen and nab it just in time to squirrel away the perfect holiday gift a little early…or go ahead, buy it for yourself, Smith&Jones won’t tell!

Crystaline falling3

Smith&Jones: We know what we’re doing and we’re doing it anyway.