Short Biography

Samm Cohen, born in New York, has been making intense passionate artwork since before she could write.  With painting and photography regularly used in her family as a communication of individual perspective and style, Samm has been studying and modifying her expression for over 30 years.  Within this, Samm has also studied psychology from many angles and also pushed her voice through poetry.  She has expanded to digital, video, sculpture, and jewelry, though of course Samm still paints and photographs.  Whatever feels right and seems pertinent to the message being aesthetically conveyed.  Color and line are filled with ardor and pushed across the surface with explosive emotion.  The raw and honest quality of the work shows her devotion to her art and the messages being conveyed.  Samm has shown in over 30 various art exhibitions, mostly in the New York area, in both a solo and a group capacity, and has published and been interviewed for a number of different journals.



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